Meet Dr. Matan Farhi

I wanted to become an Orthodontist because I found it to be the perfect blend of my various interests and passions. I grew up on construction sites and initially wanted to become an Architect or Civil Engineer, starting my college studies down this path. However, I quickly realized I was lacking the enjoyment of working closely with other people. My mother was a physician at the time and recommended I try out some pre-med courses. I took her advice, got exposure through my classes and local office visits, and quickly fell in love with the field. I was able to use my scientific background in a creative way that made significant and meaningful differences in my patients’ lives.

I truly believe that being an Orthodontist is one of the most amazing careers in the world. My experience in the dental field over the last 7+ years has reaffirmed my passion for this field. Being able to see a patient come into our orthodontics practice and later walk out with a brand-new smile and newfound confidence is amazing and empowering.

In my free time I love staying active through exercise. I enjoy biking, hiking, snowboarding, and basketball. After a great workout, I love enjoying good food both in and out of our home (I am still working on the cooking part.) I have played piano and guitar since my early childhood and love to play and listen to music with friends. I love winding down by watching my favorite TV shows or Chicago sports teams. Go Bulls and Bears!

Education and professional associations

Through my professional affiliations, I’m able to connect and collaborate with fellow orthodontists and dentists to allow for continued growth and sharing of knowledge, ensuring that we all provide quality care to the patients we serve. I’m proud to be a professional member of the following associations: