A beautiful smile is worth a little work!

Orthodontics requires some adjustment – both to the physical changes occurring in your mouth and to your routine for oral hygiene. Caring for your appliances is vital, whether we are talking about your braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, or your retainer. Here’s the scoop on how to get the best results during, and after, your treatment.

Salt for soreness

At first, your teeth and mouth may feel a bit tender or sore. This is temporary – and perfectly normal. You can help relieve oral tissue discomfort by dissolving one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of lukewarm water. Swish and gargle. Swish and gargle. Swish and gargle. This will help promote the healing of your mouth! But don’t swallow the salt water (trust us, you won’t like it). If the pain still doesn’t go away after rinsing, you can take a pain reliever. When you’re new to braces, your lips, cheeks, and tongue may also become irritated. This will quickly pass, but if needed, we can give you some wax to temporarily put over your braces and give your mouth a break.

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