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"We take the comfort of each of our patients very seriously," says Dr. Chapman. "We know that sitting in an orthodontist's chair can be a cause for apprehension for many people, even those who don't normally suffer from "dentophobia." We offer an environment that is warm and inviting. And we take great care to listen to our patients and keep them comfortable throughout the treatment process."

During your complimentary Initial Appointment you will be welcomed by our Treatment Coordinator and given a tour of our office where we will introduce you to the rest of the Chapman Orthodontics team. Our Treatment Coordinator will discuss your orthodontic concerns and your Health and Patient Information Forms will be reviewed. Diagnostic photographs will be taken and Dr. Chapman will conduct an initial exam and review his recommendations with you. Financial information, insurance and payment options will then be reviewed and discussed.

During your First Visit To Our Office:
  • We take the time to get to know you, listen to your concerns and help you overcome any fears. Once you feel comfortable with us it's easier to perform whatever treatment you may need.
  • We make a point explain what we're doing at each appointment. Knowing what to expect can help calm your nerves.
  • We invite you to please speak openly with us about any fears you or your child may have about treatment. The more we know about your fears, the better we can overcome them.
At Chapman Orthodontics, we use 3D Dental Imaging to visualize root positions, impacted teeth, airways, and a variety of dental anomalies. We believe that 3D imaging is far superior to traditional digital 2D x-rays for the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems. 
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