Virtual Monitoring Overview

Check-in virtually with Dr. Chapman and the rest of the team by sending us photos of your orthodontic treatment progress! As a truly patient-centered practice, we want to make sure your orthodontic treatment is as convenient and as easy as possible for you to obtain the smile of your dreams.

Occasionally, the team at Chapman Orthodontics may request you to send a progress update in between your ortho check-up visits. In order to get the best look at your progress, please follow these helpful tips and instructions.

  • Use your cell phone camera and a friend or family member to help you take a series of photographs similar to the samples shown below.
    • Quick tip - using your fingers or a clear plastic spoon to pull your cheeks to the side really helps with the side photos.
  • Once all photos are taken, you can either send them via text message to 303-421-9814 or email them to
    • Please be sure to include the patient’s full name when sending in your update so we know who is sending us a progress report.
  • Once we have received your photos and have had a chance to review them, a Chapman Orthodontics team member will give you a call to discuss your progress report.
Portrait Smiling Portrait Relaxed Lips Portrait Profile Frontal Intraoral Photo Occlusal Photo of Maxillary Dentition Occlusal Photo of Mandibular Dentition Right Intraoral Photo Left Intraoral Photo
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