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The Chapman Orthodontics' team members are friendly, fun, professional and enthusiastic achievers. We're highly experienced and we work well together as a team—with each other and with our patients. Together we share more than 70 years of experience in orthodontics.

All of us at Chapman Orthodontics are committed to continuous improvement. We invest the time and resources to continually improve our skills and abilities so we can better serve our patients.

Colleen | Office Manager

What I like best about my job: I love the patients and being able to do my best in giving them a positive and enjoyable experience while they are in our office.

Jamie | Treatment Coordinator

Jamie see’s all of our new patients. She will get you started on your orthodontic journey, with the best treatment option for you.

Gerri | Orthodontic Assistant

What I like best about my job: I really enjoy getting to know our patients and their families. I'm glad we get to connect with them every few weeks. I also love seeing how we can transform smiles, when people see the results they're so happy and excited.

With Chapman Orthodontics since: 2009

Yvonne | Orthodontic Assistant

What I like best about my job: Seeing peoples' smiles transform in such a short amount of time. Working with and getting to know our patients makes my job really special.

With Chapman Orthodontics since: 2012

Deb | Orthodontic Assistant

What I like best about my job: As an orthodontic assistant, I love helping each patient achieve a beautiful smile. I enjoy getting to know every patient, as well as seeing their excitement during and after treatment.

Amanda | Sterilization Technician

What I like best about my job: I love working in a place where everyone smiles. People smile with excitement the day they get their braces on and smile with even more excitement and happiness the day the braces come off. It makes for a very happy place to be every day.

Opal Harrison | Scheduling Coordinator

Opal is our master scheduler. She enjoys seeing all patients when they visit for their appointments, and finding the best appointment time to accommodate their needs.

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